Staying overnight in the Pellinge wood

Sleep in a lean-to shelter and wake up to the sound of sea gulls and the smell of coffee made on the camp fire.
The product is available between February and September.


Staying overnight in combination with activities such as buschcraft, preparing food on the campfire, teamwork exercises and games. Activities are arranged in a varying rocky wood in Pellinge.


Ask for an offer.

Additional information

Clothing in accordance with the weather and good shoes for walking in the terrain. A sleeping bag and sleeping pad in accordance with the season is a requirement for staying overnight. Tent or hammock for sleeping in the wood.
Transport to and from the starting point is not included in the price.


The maximum size of the group is 10 persons.


The maximum size for a group staying overnight in the lean-to shelter is 5 persons.

Contact details

Lisbeth Forss, 040 189 5812 eller

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